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SARSAN Kft. Accounting Office is ready to prepare payroll, do comprehensive bookkeeping and audits of self-employed persons, limited partnerships, limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, associations, foundations and law offices, also in a retrospective way. We are ready to assist in tax, accounting and social security related issues and provide continuous advisory services in order to ensure your successful operation.


SARSAN Kft. started its operation in 2003. Founders of the accounting office decided to launch a joint venture after many years of cooperation. Members and employees of the accounting office include highly qualified professionals with many years experience. SARSAN Kft. considers it crucial that its experts take part in continuous training and education, which strengthens its market position in the competition among accounting offices.


All our employees are as much helpful and flexible as possible, and they are working with amazing accuracy.

Our accounting office provides high quality services, which makes us able to take responsibility for our work. In case a company is fined due to our omission or fault, we will pay the fine. We also have excess liability insurance which covers high amounts. Moreover and uniquely, we undertake satisfaction guarantee

We are able to optimise your tax liabilities and your obligations related to the payment of contributions, we can ease the burden on your companies, which will allow you to save significant expenses, due to efficient accounting. You will be continuously informed about the situation of your company and bookkeeping, which will make it easy to prevent unpleasant surprises and to implement the necessary measures.

All our colleagues have extensive experience and chartered accountant qualification, and their work is supported by tax consultants and economists. Beyond these, we pay special attention to regular professional training. The combination of these can ensure that we will find the optimal solution for all your problems and issues.

Cooperation with our partners allows us to provide complex and comprehensive services from company establishment and tax consultancy to accounting and payroll services.

Drawing up policies

According to Article 14(9) of the Hungarian Accounting Act newly established business organisations shall draw up their accounting policies and related regulations in 90 days from their date of establishment.

Accounting policies drawn up by us include the followings:

  • Accounting policy
  • Chart of accounts and accounting regulations
  • Money management regulations
  • Assessment/valuation regulations
  • Inventory regulations
  • Asset disposal and inventory alignment regulations

Information provided 7 days a week:


  • Via e-mail, phone and face to face:
  • About taxes payable before deadlines
  • Profit calculation according to periods
  • Stock value
  • Cash float
  • Payables and receivables
  • Other reports