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Technical design and documentation

Technical design or documentation will be required when you manufacture or get the machine or device manufactured according to the design plans, or you simply wish to update/digitize your plans.


When it comes to design, jobs are always started with a clear survey of demands and requirements and exploring the environment. In case orders are submitted, we start our joint work during which you will be continuously informed about intermediate results. Finally, before project documentation is drawn up, we shall check the 3D models together. The 3D model and the 2D plan can both be modified according to your possible or subsequent needs.


In case of documentation/digitizing, projects are also started with 3D modelling, which is followed by the drawing up of the plans.

You may benefit from numerous advantages of 3D models and modelling, such as:

– they enhance programming during cutting,
– programming of sheet forming technologies becomes easier,
– they allow to run FEA during operations related to the design of manufacturing plants and process optimization.

The continuous update of our design system and the purchased converters allow us to be compatible with almost all of our partners at the level of both models and plans, thanks to which our plans are easily fitted to their systems. During handover, both electronic and paper documentation may be delivered.