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Manufacture of machinery and special purpose machinery

In this field we usually provide solutions for issues and problems which have been solved manually so far, with less accuracy and promptitude, and which need automation. It is also possible that you already have some kind of machinery and you would like another one.


When designing machinery, we will solve all mechanical and control/regulation-related tasks, and provide the relevant certificates and authentication documents.

In these cases we make a preliminary survey of the task and the environment of implementation, and we clarify the future requirements and quality assurance principles of our business partner. We also discuss your general requirements according to which we will be able to draw up the most suitable offer.

All this is free for you!

In case an order is submitted, we start our joint work during which you will be continuously informed about intermediate results. Finally, before project documentation is drawn up, we shall check the 3D models together.  Manufacturing is started only after project documentation has been accepted.


The client is allowed to check the manufacturing process and look at the machinery under process. Fitness for service shall be tested at least once in our plant.

At this point we are able to implement any necessary modifications during test production, before final commissioning takes place. Then, final construction works are carried out before the machinery is delivered to the location specified by you.

Delivery is always followed by test production under operating conditions; employees and operators are trained and technicians take part in maintenance training.  Meanwhile documentation is handed over. After a successful test operation the machine will be commissioned and its operation will be followed by us, while granting 1-2 years warranty, according to your needs.