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Development, design and manufacture of tools and devices

We guess, this is the most complex element of our work. It often happens that we shall design devices and tools for products which do not yet exist. A good example may be the car industry, particularly the manufacture of exhaust systems.


This field requires us to design multiple-step welding tools for robotic and manual environment which allow the manufacture of prototypes. However, works are not yet completed as not only manufacturing tools shall be designed but testing tools and devices, too. These serve to assess whether the manufactured products are geometrically compliant.


In some cases it becomes necessary to design and manufacture a device for the air tester in order to detect leakages or the lack of leakproofness. Other industry fields include hydraulic assembly presses, hydraulic forming presses and their tools, electrical testers, creep testers, breakdown voltage testers, high voltage testers and air pressure testers.


As for tools, almost all industry fields require several solutions. These may include simple reproductions of existing tools, tools corresponding to ones manufactured in Asian countries, altered and modified in order to comply with EU standards or specially designed, customized tools as well.


Their materials may range from simple high-speed steel cutting blades to carbide calibration tools which may get surface treatment and coating in order to ensure proper hardness and wear resistance.